Leading New Media in Taiwan

New Media in Taiwan

  • Page Views

    Daily PV is around 19 million.

  • Reach Rate

    ETtoday covers 90% of netizens in Taiwan.

  • APP

    Total APP downloads exceed 6 million.

  • TA profile

    76% of audience are White-collar and consuming decision makers.

  • TA

    Target Audience is between 25 to 34 years-old.

  • Interaction rate

    News interaction rate is 72%.

  • Fans

    Total Fans are over 39 million.

  • Fan pages

    The total fan pages on social media are 42.

  • Awards

    ETtoday wins lots of awards, including Golden Bell Awards, National Brand Yushan Awards and so on.

  • Business Model

    ETtoday provides online and offline channels for advertisers.


Number one social media news website in Taiwan
The leading brand of Chinese-language new media platform

ETtoday was founded on November 1, 2011, which integrates the concepts of online news and cloud technology. It is number one social media news in Taiwan and has since become the largest, most forward-looking, and influential Chinese-language new media platform.

With the philosophy of "Enjoy sharing, love the cloud," ETtoday uses innovative management methods such as focusing on community interaction and prioritizing public opinion, using multimedia storytelling, and balancing speed and depth. It also adopts a multi-dimensional approach to innovation and keeps pace with technology research and development. By providing new types of community services such as aggregation, diffusion, and all-around interaction, ETtoday has gained widespread recognition among netizens.

ETtoday has been ranked fifth on Alexa, which is a professional traffic statistics website, for "leapfrog" growth in news professionalism and immediacy in 2017, it was awarded the "Forward-looking Award" and the "2018 Innovation Award" by Google. ETtoday was named the top digital news source in Taiwan in the "2018 Digital News Report" by the University of Oxford in the UK, also the only online media to receive the "2018 News Reporting Award for Cultural and Creative Industries" by the Taiwan Journalists Association.

It was ranked first in the "World Chinese Media New Media Influence" comprehensive ranking by China News Service in 2019 and was named one of the "Top 10 Media" at the Weibo Starlight Awards in 2018. The large-scale singing talent show "Jungle Voice" also won the "Variety Program Award" at the 54th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan.

In 2020, won the "Outstanding Enterprise" and "Top 10 Outstanding Leaders" awards at the 20th Golden Peak Award, as well as the "Outstanding Enterprise National First Prize", "Best Popularity Brand National First Prize", "Outstanding Enterprise" and "Best Popularity Brand" awards at the 17th National Brand Yushan Awards.

In 2021, was awarded the "Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises of the Year", "Excellent Customer Satisfaction" and "Consumer Rights and Interests Reporting Award" at the 16th Golden Torch Awards, as well as the "OOH Advertising Agency of the Year" award at the 2021 Excellence Agency & Advertiser of the year Awards by Brain Magazine.

In 2022, achieved remarkable results, earning recognition in various fields. According to the "2022 Digital News Report" from the University of Oxford, it has been ranked as the highest new media in Taiwan in terms of internet usage rate for five consecutive years. The "ETtoday OMO Advertising Platform" was awarded the "Best Product Category" national first prize in the 19th National Brand Yushan Award. "The Big City Tracking" won the "Excellent Report Award - Print News Report Category" from the Society of Brightness. The self-produced feature "What's Happening Again" won second place in the "Internet Audio-Visual News Feature" category at the 2022 Taiwan Press Photo Contest. The photojournalist's work "People First" won the "Single News Photography Award" at the 21st Excellent Journalism Award. The self-produced podcast program "On the Scene" won the "Podcast News Program Award" at the 21st Excellent Journalism Award.

At the end of 2022, the "ETtoday App (Reader Rewards System)" was awarded the "2022 International Innovation Award" in the service and solution category for its innovative "Read and Earn EHS coin" feature and "comments board & emoji reaction" function.

ETtoday has long cultivated its social media presence and fan group, with fans on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, and Instagram. The total number of followers has exceeded 24 million. Six fan groups have over a million followers, including ET news, ET Star, ET Pet, Gee Video, ET Share and ET Beauty. These fans have significantly higher engagement and loyalty than other social media.

Except for the large readership in Taiwan, ETtoday has launched regional versions for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Australia, and North America since March 2017, becoming an important channel for overseas Chinese to obtain information.

To continue sustainable development in the global Chinese market, ETtoday provides both Taiwan local news for overseas readers and international news to offer our readers the latest and most complete information. We are making ETtoday the top choice for world Chinese-language online news media.